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Returns & Terms

In Store Purchase Returns & Terms

Can I Return My Item(s)?

Mary Kay's Furniture offers mid century Vintage furniture and strives to offer items in pristine condition. Our pieces are re purposed and restored items sold in as-is condition all sales are final, with no warranties or guarantees either implied or expressed. Using extensive research Mary Kay's Furniture makes every effort to accurately describe items,, to the best of their ability, which include a condition report and details of wear, each piece is thoroughly inspected before it is placed in the store’s show room. It is suggested that buyers inspect and make all inquiries and questions prior to committing to a purchase. Mary Kay's Furniture wants all of its customers to be satisfied with their purchases. We strive to make your purchase a positive experience and look forward to having you as a satisfied repeat customer. Always feel free to contact us to answer any questions that you may have or assist you with any needs.

We work diligently to divulge any issues with items in their description.

Can my purchased item be stored?

Mary Kay's Furniture strongly discourages storing items. Sold items must be picked up within 3-days of purchase. If additional time is needed, all requests must be directly coordinated with Mary Kay the sole proprietor of Mary Kay’s Furniture. Arrangements may be made to store items for a prolonged time for an additional storage fee.

Items not picked up after 3-days of purchase are considered abandoned property and will be donated or placed back into our inventory.

We do not hold items unless you have a special, direct arrangement with Mary Kay the sole proprietor of Mary Kay’s Furniture. An item is not sold until we receive payment. In other words, all sales are first come first served.

Will You Delivery from Your Store to My Home or Office?

Delivery is not included with a purchase from Mary Kay’s Furniture. We are here to help coordinate and recommend third party delivery companies we have worked with regularly who are affordable and insured. Please note: Delivery companies are not affiliated with Mary Kay’s Furniture. Any delivery issues should be taken up with the delivery company directly.

Do You Offer Interior/Set Designer Discounts?

If you are a designer and are interested in buying multiple/repeat pieces for projects, please speak directly with Mary Kay the sole proprietor of Mary Kay’s Furniture as she is the only one with the authority to make those decisions.

Please provide us with your business card, website and appropriate tax forms and we will be happy to set you up in our system.

Our beautiful pieces have been seen in television and film productions. Please reach out if you are looking for something particular, since our inventory is continuously growing.

Do You Offer Bulk Purchase Discounts?

Maybe you are building a new home or office and want to purchase various pieces to help enhance the décor …. if this is the case, please speak directly with Mary Kay the sole proprietor of Mary Kay’s Furniture as she is the only one with the authority to make those decisions..

Online Purchase Returns & Terms

Unlike other furniture and home décor types, the mid-century and vintage pieces we house are rare, one-of-a-kind and so we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please inspect your pieces carefully and ask all questions about their condition before you finalize your purchase.

We diligently work to divulge any issues with all our items in their description. That said, if an item is being shipped, we encourage you to ask numerous questions as you deem fit and for additional photos and videos of each item so you can see all flaws before purchase.