A “Brasilia” Flip top bar, sideboard by Broyhill

Mid-century Modern



Midcentury Modern Flip top bar by Broyhill campaign style
Description: of walnut and pecan wood construction with the signature Brasilia sculpted arches on the left and right doors, the two extension leaves flip open to create a 59.5 inch working bar space revealing a black formica surface.

Measurements:                              39 1/4″ w x 29″ tall x 18 1/2″ deep
Color:                                                 medium wood tone
region of origin:                             America
maker:                                                Broyhill Furniture
age:                                                       1960s
type:                                                      bar/sideboard
style:                                                     mid century modern

Extra Notes

This is a very well known design by the Broyhill furniture company called ‘Brasilia’.

The Brasilia line was launched in 1962 by Broyhill and the design was inspired by Brasil’s newly built capital city of Brasilia. The city was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and was built in 41 months from 1956 to 1960.