Cao Yong Drum Beating



Drum Beating

image size 40 tall x 29 wide Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered Drum beating is a limited edition produced by the artist comes with a certificate of authenticity which affirms that this artwork is an authentic limited-edition produced from Cao Yong this limited-edition is signed and numbered by the artist

Title:                            Drum Beating

Measurement:          framed 4.2 ft. Tall x  41 ft. Wide

Artist:                         Cao Yong

Material:                      Enhanced Giclee on Canvas

Condition:                      Great condition

Cao Yong was born in 1962 during the great famine in China Born into extreme hardship young begun working hard manual labor at the age of five.  To escape political pressures and pursue his love of art. Cao Yong illegally moved to Japan where he was finally free to express himself artistically.  Yong immigrated to the US in 1994 where he continues to paint stunning and beautiful landscapes that have one international acclaim Cao Yong creates art with an unmatched sense of energy and realism