Native American Hopi pottery Seed bowl Attributed to Gloria Mahle

Native American Hopi pottery Seed bowl


Seed bowl with polychrome geometric and stylised motifs, the base with an inscription of Native American symbols and the word “Hopi” in a dark brown/black color. The center circling designs around the seed bowl have what appears to be stylistic butterflies with reddish-brown wings, the potter is Gloria Mahle. This artist uses a design with “sponge-paint” techniques and adheres to “nature” designs, such as bees, butterflies, dragon flies, moths, birds, grasshoppers, and other symbols that she has sketched off cliff walls.  Mahle is known to use ancient pictographs in her work from cliff dwellings, this is what is seen on the bottom of the seed bowl; at present, the meaning of the symbols is unclear and are very similar to Aztec-Anasazi in nature.

Gloria has been an active Hopi potter since 1980. Gloria has appeared in several magazines and publications dealing primarily with Native American art and Hopi pottery in particular. She has won numerous awards, including ribbons at the Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Marketplace, and is best known for her symmetry and her detail and innovation.


Attributed to: Gloria Mahle

Place of Origin: USA

Date of Manufacture: Circa 1980s – 2000s

Materials and Techniques: pottery

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Height 5” x Diameter 5”