Native American Pottery




Attributed to Native American Navajo Chris Blackhorse.


The pottery is signed “Blackhorse, Navajo”, and is titled “The Weaver”. The front of the pottery is also signed “Dine which translates to Navajo, the date, 2003, and the artist which is Blackhorse. The vase has a rounded rim; below the rim is a circular design of triangles and sawtooth motifs. The bottom circular pattern is stepped triangles. The main body of the vase depicts a Navajo woman weaving a rug or blanket on a loom, while sitting under a tree. The other side of the vase has large branches on which finished weavings are displayed. The main background is mountains set against a starlit night; the entire vase is done in black and white and is glazed and etched, which is a specialty of Blackhorse – fine two-tone etchings. His full name is Chris Blackhorse. Etching is where the artist etches through one layer of paint to reveal the next layer without going through it.

Date:      2003

Measurement:   18″ Tall x 7″ deep x 13″ Diameter

Extra Notes

Chris Blackhorse has made lamps, jewelry boxes, pottery bells, and vases. Chris has also made pottery in black and white two-tone etchings on red clay; he has also made four two-toned etchings. Chris normally works his feather and signature trademark into the design panels. He was born for the Hashk’aahazoi or “Yucca First Strung Out On a Line” or Bitter Water clan.