Reclaimed Wood Furniture Rustic Shutter Cabinet

Buffet Sideboard Credenza Cabinet



 Weather Reclaimed Wood Sideboard Credenza Cabinet

 Mellowed shades and dark colors combine with the natural aging of old wood to create this relaxed yet sophisticated cabinet. The Weathered Reclaimed Wood Sideboard Credenza Cabinet Furniture stands off the floor on square feet. The four shuttered doors open into two separate 2-shelf cupboard sections. The entire handmade buffet is built from reclaimed wood from Gujarat. The cabinet top extends slightly beyond the frame.

Special Features

* Finished interior
* Simple iron handles on doors
* Wooden door latches on the bottom and top

Condition: New
Reclaimed Wood
100% Handmade

Date Of Manufacture:             2014

Condition:                                 Good Solid Wood Construction

Wear:                                         new

Measurements:                        42″ Tall  x  50″ long  x  15″  Deep