Vintage French Wood Burning Wall Art Alphonse Mucha

Vintage French Wood Burning Wall Art advertising the Job brand of cigarette papers


Vintage French Wood Burning Wall Art advertising the Job brand of cigarette papers. The artist was Alphonse Mucha and the work were published in 1896. France artist Mucha was famous for his commercial Art Nouveau posters and were the femme nouvelle or new woman a common theme. The new woman had a wide audience, but he also worked in a variety of other media. He mostly worked in Vienna. The densely patterned posters epitomize the Art Nouveau interest in natural forms, decoration, and a rejection of the anonymity of mechanical production. This artwork “JOB” is his most important one. The overview the major creative periods and highlight the greatest achievements by the artist. Job Cigarette Papers, was created as an advertisement for the Job cigarette company. A beautiful woman with a lighted cigarette dominates. The rising smoke intertwining with her swirling, Pre-Raphaelite hair and the Job logo. Combines with the twirling smoke and the rich purple background to create a luxurious and sensual mood. This is a wonderful reproduction made on a wooden board with the technique ‘tires in wood’ whereby decorations and images are burned in wood. Made by Michael Hamilton in 1978. This folk art was already practiced with primitive tools in early antiquity: iron pens with different profiles were heated. The ornaments darkened as the markers were hotter and burned longer. Even then, surprisingly good results were achieved.


Artist:  Alphonse Mucha
Title: Job
Medium:  wooden board, images are burned in wood
Attributes: Signed lower right and Labeled on the Back with Full Name and Date, April 1978
Year: 1978
Condition: Fine with no visible damage or marks and no holes or puncture to the board
Measurements: 33″ Tall X 27″ Wide


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