Wedgwood Jasperware Black Basalt Bowl

Classic Mid Century Black Jasper Basalt Bowl



Classic Mid Century Black Jasper Basalt Bowl, of plain circular form, moulded and applied in relief with dancing  hours maidens classical figures.  Acanthus leaves decorate bottom, laurel leaves form the frieze near rim Impressed mark Made in England 1954

Condition: Excellent, no chips cracks or missing relief

Measurements:  4.25″ Tall  x 10.25″ Diameter

Date:  1954

Extra Notes:   In the 1770’s Josiah Wedgwood developed both Jasperware and Basaltin imitation of pieces being excavated at Pompeii and Herculaneum at this time. In vogue at this period  was Neo-Classical style  , and has been produced ever since.  On 1 May 1759 Wedgwood, was founded by Josiah Wedgwood and in 1987 merged with Waterford Crystal to create Waterford Wedgwood.  Wedgwood became part of a group of companies known as WWRD Holdings Ltd, after the 2009 purchase by KPS Capital,, an acronym for “Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton.” The main Wedgwood motifs in jasperware, as well as in other wares like basaltware, queensware, caneware, etc., were decorative designs that were highly influenced by the ancient cultures being studied and rediscovered at that time, especially as Great Britain was expanding her Empire. Many motifs were taken from ancient mythologies: Roman, Greek or Egyptian. Wedgwood’s most famous ware is jasperware. It was created to look like ancient cameo glass. It was inspired by the Portland Vase, a Roman vessel which is now a museum piece.