Mid Century Original Andrea Suter Oil Painting


A Color Field Painting executed in balance and precision by Andrea Suter (A. Suter) in 1972


A Color Field Painting executed in balance and precision by Andrea Suter (A. Suter) in 1972. The multilayers of color build up this expressionist painting, which Suter follows the guiding principles of the Color Field art movement, one of America’s greatest Modern Art contributions and artistic movements of the mid-20th Century. Mark Rothko and Clyfford still being two of the premier artists of this movement and like her mentors, Suter abandons the figure and exploits color to showcase total emotion and expression through color.

Her color palate is bold and at times almost pastel, with each color being hidden by the next but blending together to show a depth as deep as her expression in this painting. Each thin layer of colors is a veil allowing the viewer to see into her colors of expressionistic beauty. A true bold and expressive painting and will stand alone in a room commanding to be viewed and analyzed.

“Color Field Painting: Seeking to connect with the primordial emotions locked in ancient myths, rather than the symbols themselves, they sought a new style that would do away with any suggestion of illustration.”

Artist: A. Suter (Andrea Suter)
Title: Skyline
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Attributes: Signed lower Left A. Suter and Labeled on the Back with Full Name and Title and Date, April 1972
Year: 1972
Condition: Fine with no visible damage or marks on painting surface and no holes or puncture to the canvas.
Measurements: 21″ Tall X 25″ Wide X 1″ Deep


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