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Mid Century Abstract Oil Painting Expressionist Signed Etta C. Mercur


A large, original, gorgeous, abstract on canvas, by artist Etta C. Mercur, signed lower right.


A large, original, gorgeous, abstract on canvas, by artist Etta C. Mercur, signed lower right. This original large work of art is an excellent example of abstract style from the 20th century. Impressive abstract painting that is quite striking, preserved in outstanding condition. Etta C. Mercur was an American mid century artist from Maryland. Mercur worked in a layered colored Expressionist style. In her painting titled “Forest Primeval” she gives the viewer a depth and darkness, her color adding a burning energy and intensity to the painting.
The mixed and built up of color on the canvas glows with intensity. You can see on the right center, the blackness controlling and giving the color in the sides, life. The title, Forest Primeval is fitting for the painting, the title dictates what and how the painting will be seen. Primeval, the basic of life, the beginning of life, the primeval basic colors. Then the Forest, the forest allows light and life to grow in its protection and guidance. The “Forest Primeval”, gives the viewer a window to the basics and the beginning of what a forest does, giving and allowing life, which is the basic substance of us.
The ability to build color up is not only a style but a gift the artist has, to know how each color will burn through, growing and expanding throughout the painting is an essence what a forest does and it is what this painting does. The painting is in the Abstract style with Expressionist brush strokes of oil on canvas. Notable is the incredible use of color. This style and technique are difficult to achieve which showcases the quality of the painting.
The canvas is stretched with stretchers with a center bar and framed with distressed molding. The back top edge of the canvas has the artist name on the left and the title is on the right top. Signed on the front lower right, “Mercur”. This painting will add style to any mid-century Design house or art collection.
Condition Report: Good with no visible damage or marks on the painting surface.

Artist: Etta C. Mercur
Title: Forest Primeval
Medium: Oil, mixed media on Canvas
Original: Painting
Movement and style: Abstract
Year: 20th century
Condition: Fine with no visible damage or marks and no holes or puncture
Measurements: Framed 39″ Tall X 46 1/2″ Wide
Unframed 38″ tall x 45 1/2″ wide


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